Piccolo Daimao is a character from the anime and manga series Dragon Ball, and appears from time to time in a couple flashbacks of Dragon Ball Z. He is introduced as a Mazoku in the story who once precipitated the Earth into utter chaos and pandemonium, giving birth to a brood of animal-like Namekians from within himself and converting a peaceful planet into a living hell. Later, it is revealed that he is the evil half and evil twin brother of Kami; the two were once a single entity. Piccolo Daimao's name is based on the instrument of the same name — hence, all of his sons share the names of various musical instruments. While he is named after a flute, the others are named after percussion instruments.

Piccolo Daimao came into being some 300 years before the beginning of Dragon Ball sometime after a powerful Namekian on Earth attempted to assume the position of guardian of Earth, he was neglected of the position due to the evil that occulted within. As a result, the Namekian concentrated and trained to relinquish the evil within; which conspired into producing two separate entities — if one should perish, the other would also. The concentrated evil being known as Piccolo Daimao. At first, the name "Piccolo" was a reference to the wind instrument, but then a revelation by Mr. Popo to Bulma meant it translated to "different world" in Namekian.

It remained unknown if Piccolo Daimao knew he was a Namekian, as he was shown to know the language and some of his powers and techniques are of Namekian origin, even replicating Guru's throne. If Piccolo Daimao knew, this could mean that the evil within Kami originated from being a Namekian warrior.

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