The Photographer Ghosts are a couple of unnamed ghosts that are the main antagonists of the
The Photographer Ghosts
short "Sonic: Night of the Werehog".

These ghosts constantly scare whoever enters their mansion only so they can take photos of the victim's scared face, then show it to an unnamed female ghost who decides which photo is the best, the winner gaining a single kiss from her every time. This causes a huge competition between both to see which will gain the kiss. But it all changes when Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip (Light Gaia) enter the mansion to hide from the rain. The duo get many successful photos out of Chip, but all of their attempts on Sonic are worthless, as the hedgehog can't be scared that easily (his photos show him laying down and grinning, reading a book, etc). When they try cornering Sonic in a hallway while possessing suits of armor, he changes into his Werehog form and scares them away, much to the ghost girl's delight. At this point, the two finally snap and literally join forces to become a huge Minotaur-like ghost that fights Sonic in the mansion's main hall. However, in the nick of time, they begin fighting themselves again, giving Sonic ample opportunity to finish them by punching them into the night sky. The girl watches everything from a balcony and secretly kidnaps Chip, takes his form and takes a photo with Sonic while the ghosts watch from a window, an immobilized Chip behind them in a chair.


Both of these ghosts are very competitive and fierce, taking their "jobs" seriously to earn the ghost girl's respect. They hardly ever speak (the whole short has no dialogue save from grunts and screams), but each one understands the other's expressions enough to know the other's plans. Although they fight each other constantly, they will join forces if their victims resist too much, or if they are tricked or made fun of.


◾Both also appear on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Sonic Unleashed during two secondary missions (one at daytime in Spagonia, and another at nighttime in Adabat).

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