Petunia Rhubarb is a major character in VeggieTales. She is very ditzy, energetic, kind and believes that beauty and goodness is within oneself, not by their physical appearance. In some episodes, she is portrayed as Larry's girlfriend when he plays a major role. But outside of the stories, they are actually just good friends.


In her story debut, she treats her mother-in-law Nona very kindly and acts shyly towards Duke Duke, and later grew so fond of him that after he won the joust, they got married. Outside of the stories, she greets Larry and compliments his fedora, saying that he looked nice. She also said that she didn't understand why Bob didn't like the "What Have We Learned" song.

In the reboot, it is revealed that she is allergic to cotton, and gave into her bad side, turning up the heat in Pa Grape's ware store until she learned that it's never okay to break the rules, not even "a little bit".

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

In multiple episodes of VeggieTales, Petunia worked as a reporter. In Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple, she is "very good" at playing video games, mainly her handy pod. She also avoided the light beams in her web of temptation, but was forced to until Larry-Boy saved her.

In the two Minnesota Cuke episodes, she used to be an archeologist until she chose a life of serving ice cream. She is also talented at singing and dancing, as seen in the second episode and in Sweetpea Beauty.

As a superhero

As Vogue, she possesses a super suit that "can transform into just about anything, as long as it's fashionable". It also has a built-in foot sled which she used to slide down a snowy hill. She can even make her outfit white, except "after Labor Day". Her super vehicle is called the High-Heel Mobile, which smells of cinnamon potpourri.



Duke and the Great Pie War

In the second story of Duke and the Great Pie War, she plays the role of Ruth as Sweet Sweet Petunia, who takes care of her mother-in-law, Nona (Madame Blueberry), who plays the role of Naomi. Unfortunately, because of Petunia's Rhubarbarian heritage, the people of Scone despised her and treated her very badly. When Nona's second cousin twice-removed, Duke Duke showed up, he is introduced to her, and they begin to have an awkward relationship when they started bumping their heads together. Being generous, the duke allows her to pick apples from his orchard. The next day, they meet again, but this time, the people of Scone took notice of Duke's relationship with Petunia and made a mockery of them. After Petunia leaves, Nona reveals that she is a princess and tells the story of how she was married to Gildersleeve's son, Ryan. After she was married, her relatives-in-law decided to live with her in Rhubarb after Gildersleeve gave half of the golden crest, which was the castle key, to his brother and the other half, which was the vault key, to Nona. After the Great Pie War, both Nona and Petunia became widows; and while Petunia was welcome to her family, they refused to let Nona in, as they saw her as an enemy. So Petunia gave up her kingdom to live in a tree stump to take care of her mother-in-law, especially since Otis, who was Gildersleeve's brother, only looked after himself.

Then Nona decides to give the crest to Petunia, and tells her to give it to Duke and request he jousts for her, which she does. Duke willingly accepts, saying he'd do anything for her, even if he had to joust Otis the Elevated, whom Nona revealed as the brother of Gildersleeve. Once the jousting tournament began, Petunia attends with Nona and Lucas. Before the last event, she is once again antagonized by a Sconian villager, then smiles while Duke tells Lucas that he needs to look out for her first. When Duke and Otis come against each other in the third round, the sunlight reflects off Petunia's duck crest half and blinds Otis, causing him to lose the joust. Afterwards, Duke tells Petunia that he will take care of her and that they would "be family forever". Soon, they are pronounced Duke and Duchess and they join their halves, which form a whole duck and lays an egg. Then they bump heads again and continue with the prime minister's speech in honor of their marriage.

Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush

In the story, she is Moose Lake Museum's former archeologist turned ice cream lady. Minnesota visits her about a secret code after ordering a malt. She seemingly gives it to him and reminds him to get his malt, to which he says he didn't order it for himself. After he leaves, Rattan enters and asks for the code, but she refuses to tell him, only for him to melt all the ice cream, causing the shop to flood. Minnesota comes back and saves her, then she is asked what happened, so Julia tells him and Cuke tells her the code didn't work, so then she tells him they were going to Seville.

Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple

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