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Peter Pinkerton is the younger brother of Pinkalicious Pinkerton and the son of Pearl and Mr. Pinkerton. In Pinkalicious & Peterrific (2018-present), Lila & Jasmine (2091-present).

Peter likes to make random sounds: honking his scooter horn, playing the kazoo, to name a few.

Peter often questions Pinkalicious's choices at first but then reluctantly gives in after a minute.

Peter's favorite color is purple.

In some episodes he wears purple but in others he wears green.

In the Pinkaperfect Birthday episode, we see him wear a purple one.

He likes riding his scooter as revealed in No Honking.

  • In Paintbrush Boy And Pencil Girl she are & friends.
  • In Robotta's Singing Delivery Service she are & friends.
  • In The Rhyme Off she are & friends.


Peter has 2 everyday outfits: one in purple and one in blue-green. He even has 2 pajamas: again, one in purple and one in blue-green. He has brown hair and 2 different color hats: one in purple and one in green. He also wears a purple swimsuit. In the pilot episode, he also had a dark blue hat. However, for some reason, in the main series, he only wears a green and purple hat.