Pete the Cat is an award-winning, instantly-recognizable, and widely-loved character with a soft, huggable body and embroidered features. He appears in the Pete the Cat series of books that appeal to all ages. Pete is also a frequent subject in the works of the avant-garde, barrier-breaking, and totally-original artist, James Dean. Dean miraculously conceived Pete in 1999 through his creative geniusness.

What happened to the real Pete? The world may never know.


Pete was created by James Dean after Dean, out of his infinite kindness, rescued a small, starving animal in 1999. Dean described the creature as a "scrawny little black kitten". Dean took the kitten home, despite it being black, named it Pete, and, later that year—in an event that changed the world and universe forever—Dean put the kitten in his paintings and gave him blue fur "to avoid the stigma of a black cat". It is not entirely known what happened to the black kitten that Pete was based on, however, according to James Dean's website, the kitten "was a free spirit and only stayed with James for less than a year, but his spirit and playfulness lives on!"[1] Dean, being the infinitely humble man that he is, refers to himself in the third-person in this quote.


Pete is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Petethecat. His mother works as a professional transvestite, and his father never finished a job. Pete also has a brother named Bob.

Pete also has a reclusive cousin named Katz, a red cat, who hasn't been seen since 1999. He played a villain on "Courage the Cowardly Dog".


Young and ambitious, Pete is the type of cat who just wants it ALL, All, all. As perhaps the most relatable character in literary history, Pete shares our pain of living in this tough economy. As a result, he has had many jobs including: pirate, astronaut, dragon slayer, knight, musician, tutor, marine biologist, chef, scientist, architect, athlete, song writer. conductor, artist, surfer, cave cat, engineer, technician, construction worker, librarian, wizard, priest, uber driver, pilot, and student. He also saves Santa on a yearly basis. Some say his key to success is stepping in piles of fruit while continuing to walk along and sing his song, otherwise known as resilience.

His hit single "Go Pete Go" has stayed in the #1 spot longer than any other song in the history of all time.

In 2019, President Donald J. Trump tweeted: "Cats like Pete are going to make America GREAT again" and "Pete would make a better leader than crooked Hillary". Both got an exponential amount of retweets.

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