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Pearl is a tan anything muppet monster who made it's debut in season 12 of Sesame Street along with Deena in the cave. Pearl likes piece and quiet, which she doesn't always find due to Deena's infinite energy.

After that season, they both vanished. Somewhere after the 1980's, Pearl was brought back to life as a utility puppet in various sketches and episode scenes therein being performed by various performers such as Noel MacNeal for example. Pearl has been featured on certain sketches such as the friends scene and the birthday celebration scene with Lola and Patrico Borghetti on Plaza Sésamo, Where Did the Tallest Monster Go? sketch (where named Bill), a few Trash Gordon sketches like Conga, M is for Monster, Together We Make Music, My Triangle, Monster Moon Watch, It's Almost Christmas (on Elmo's Christmas Countdown) and on The Cookie Thief special on Sesame Street. It was also an Elmo's World visitor on the Elmo's World episode "Noses" and an dancing audience monster on the resource video "Talk, Read, Write". Sadly, Pearl was never used in episodes of The Furchester Hotel although the other 2 tall monsters are present on the show.

The first design of the monster puppet was re-issued on The Muppets Take Manhattan for the wedding finale while the 2nd revision appeared around the 90's therein being continuously modified on later years. Sometimes, Pearl's given different noses or possibly go noseless.

Compared to Sorbet's old design with the late 2000s design of the puppet, they both resemble each other whereas only he/she doesn't have hairs sticking out and the nose coloring is different.

Book appearances

  • The Sesame Street Circus of Opposites (1981)


  • Unlike Old McDougal and his other character revisions, Pearl has been the longest tan AM Monster around on Sesame Street especially the international co-productions of the show.
  • Although Pearl isn't a threatening monster, he and the other monsters along with Chef John rebuke and chase Cookie Monster and his father for eating the cookies they needed to save on the Conservations sketch for Monsterpiece Theater.


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