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Peach is a starfish and a supporting character from Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo. She was purchased by the dentist on eBay.

She is voiced by Allison Janney, who is well known for voicing Charlene from Phineas amd Ferb series, Gladys Sharp from Over the Hedge, and Mrs. Grunion from Mr. Peabody and Sherman.


Peach is a pink-red starfish who can apparently read human. She is usually seen attached to the side of the tank, watching the dentist do his dental work on different patients. She announces what is going on to the rest of the Tank Gang. However, whenever Peach speaks, her voice is muffled against the glass (which is a running gag) and one of the other fish would say, "Can't hear you, Peach." She then unsticks herself from the glass so the gang can hear her clearly. At the end of the film, Peach can be seen moving up with the credits while clinging onto the screen. She suddenly falls off, but immediately gets back onto the screen and disappears off the top part of the screen.

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