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"Ask a GENtern who the best character from Repo! The Genetic Opera is, 10/9 will say Pavi" - Largo. from Mark it up

Pavi is a side character From Repo! The genetic opera. He is the son of Rotti and the middle child of Amber and Luigi. He's played by actor Orge. Pavi is a white Italian male with a burned face, which he hides by sporting the face of both men and women, pierced ears and black hair. He's very flamboyant in the way he talks and acts aka he's a total twink.

The reason Rotti saw him unfit for being the next owner of genco is that Pictures surfaced of him stealing peoples faces. Pavi actually reacted to this pretty calmly compared to his siblings and ended up Co-owning repo with his siblings after Rotti's death.

He and his sister are both confirmed Bisexuals, Though Pavi is exclusively shown with women throughout the movie. Pavi's bisexuality was confirmed on his official MySpace.

He's the only one out of his immediate family to speak with a thick Italian accent ( Rotti has a somewhat faint one) Its accounted this was to cover up a childhood stutter. He also is one of the only in the whole film to sing or talk in Italian ( The other being Blind mags during her final performance)