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Patricia Bradley

"I'm in the mood for a little vivisection."

  • Patricia Bradley attempting to kill Dr. Lucy Lynskey with a pickax before Frank Bannister's ghost rips her soul out of her body.

Patricia Ann Bradley is one of the two main villains of the 1996 horror/comedy movie The Frighteners.

She was portrayed by actress Dee Wallace Stone.


In the 1960s, Patricia helped her boyfriend Johnny Bartlett kill and mark several people at the Fairwater Sanitarium, where they both worked as orderlies. After she and Johnny were apprehended by the authorities, she was sent to prison, but was granted a conditional release by the State Governor in 1990. She then lived with her mother.

Patricia used Ouijia boards to bring back Johnny; together, they began killing again, starting with Debra Bannister, Frank Bannister's wife. Her own mother, unaware of what Patricia is up to but highly distrustful of her nonetheless, keeps her a prisoner in their house.

Patricia tells Dr. Lucy Lynskey that she's redeemed and is not the same woman she was, but when Johnny returns to her after Frank removes his Grim Reaper outfit, she reveals her true colors, viciously kills her mother, and chases Frank and Lucy through the abandoned hospital with a shotgun.

After Frank is shot by Milton Dammers and falls through a number of floors, Patricia finds him and tries to shoot him, only to find she's run out of ammo. She then kicks Frank and strangles him to death. Patricia prepares to kill Lucy with a pickax, only for Frank's ghost to grab her from behind and remove her own spirit from her body. Frank then takes Patricia up into the portal between the worlds of the living and the dead, luring Johnny into the portal.

The three of them travel through the portal, and Frank eventually lets go of Patricia and is brought to Heaven while Johnny grabs a hold of Patricia. Before Patricia and Johnny can return to Earth and kill more people, the portal becomes organic and monstrous as it shoots worms into them. The portal then turns out to be the inside of a gigantic, demonic worm that consumes the murderous couple before going back to Hell.