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Papa Louie is the main character in the Papa Louie series.

Flipdeck Info[]

Hometown: Tastyville Loves: Cooking
Hates: Microwaved Meals
Occupation: World Famous Chef

Papa Louie is a lovable Italian chef who got his start selling delicious pizzas. He has a legion of fanatic customers who are willing to try anything Papa Louie has to offer. Whether it’s free pizza parties, or the keys to his latest restaurant, Papa Louie is always trying to reward his loyal customers!


Papa Louie has tanned skin, bald head, dark bushy eyebrows, and a big moustache. He wears a white chef hat, a thin red neckerchief wrapped around his neck, a long-sleeved white buttoned dress shirt, a small red apron, blue pants, and brown sneakers.

He is also seen wearing a bathing suit in Papa's Freezeria/To Go!, Papa Louie 2, and Papa Louie 3 as his Style C outfit. It consists of a blue and white-striped sleeveless shirt with a red lifebuoy tucked down to his waist and black sunglasses.

In PL2, his Style B is mostly the same as his regular outfit, but in different colors. He wears a long-sleeved blue shirt, a small white apron, blue pants, and white sneakers with red laces.