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Peter "P.J." Pete Jr. is the son of Pete. He first appeared in the 1942 short Bellboy Donald as Pete Junior. He was later reinvented for the 1992 animated series Goof Troop, as the best friend of Max Goof. P.J. is incredibly warm-hearted and friendly, but his passive nature makes him a frequent pawn in the schemes of his villainous father.


P.J. is timid, mainly because of his dad's influence. He also has a good conscience when it comes to Max coming up with unbelievable plans to have fun and earn Fame and Fortune.

Skills and abilities


P.J. demonstrated his strength mainly with his "deadly rump", which earned him the title, "The Bumpinator". He also laid bitter blows against Douglas and his bully henchmen that were enough to slow them down without potentially injuring them.


He survived crashing through a ramp before passing out upon emerging from the wreckage. He also survived being hurled into a counter of bandages.

Gaming Intuition

He also got a very high score until Pistol interrupted him. When he talked to Max about how he was afraid of heights, he won multiple mini trophies from playing a unique game and won a big trophy from playing a virtual reality version in which he moved around as one of the avatars in spite of his acrophobia.