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During the film production, the character Otto was appears and major from the agent kid Otto (Odd Squad)


He is shown to been a gemcutter, gem hunter, searching, digging and sometimes do gem stuff when it comes to making the film.

Physical appearance

Otto is a gem man hunter with orange fur that covers most of his body, and black eyes and a long fluffy tail (similar to that of Miles "Tails" Prower) with a little longer of white.



Otto is best agent for odd squad for 2011-present, including the agents like agent ochid, agent olaf, and agent oscar (His friend), during his life, he once have a deal for his friend (oscar) until two of his agents doing a gemhunt, which how many he has told them to do it right which he then explains the plot of his show about a celtic princess who sacrifices her tail to save the world, as when his show's completed and sent to the public it will be a hunter of gems by the celtic and irish, as becoming the most world-wide success, and as thinking how art thou of him be a gem hunter until one of his agents call they bullshit which suddenly together him.

It is not known what happens to his 2011 life, but suddenly soon went lagend and searching to himself.

Nathaniel And Dylan (2022)

Otto was mentioned by Felicity's Assistant who says that Otto said Dia dhuit after the pirates caught them in their ship, as revealing he basically set up Nathaniel and Dylan, who later arrives his gems and crystals him up with one powers. [[Category:Doctors and Scientists]]