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Otome Sakuragi or 桜木乙女 is a character from the hentai Otome Dori. She is a student. She is perverted and slutty. She is also a homemaker.


She is a beautiful girl, good in her style and a target of boys' love at school. . Both are in a state of mutual love, but one or the other has never confessed and they do not go out like a lover. This is not a relationship that has taken a step forward since childhood, but Kazuki had the feeling that she would associate as a lover and eventually get married. But one day a DVD will be delivered y eso cambiaria la vida de kazuki. :c

Physical description

Hair: Pink, very long

Eyes: Blue

Body: large breasts, lactation

Clothes: skirt, thighhighs, shorts, short shorts, school uniform, PE uniform, swimsuit, school swimsuit, ribbon, ribbon tie

Voice actor

She is dubbed by Shikyuuetsu Kitsune






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