Orson Pig is the main character/protagonist of U.S. Acres. In Garfield and Friends, he was voiced by Gregg Berger.

Kindhearted and practical. His work ethic makes him the functional leader, though. His good humor being tested is one of the common gags in the cartoons. He tends to avoid conflicts and often tries to resolve a bad situation rather than add to it. Orson loves books, but due to his overactive imagination, when Orson reads a book, he will begin to see his reality as the world described in the book. Not only that, but he will suck other characters in with him as well, and essentially morph reality itself. He also occasionally dresses in a superhero suit and calls himself "Power Pig," which often causes others to fall down laughing at him. Booker often calls him "Mom" due to Orson being the one that hatched him. A running gag through out the series is Orson's fear of his older brothers.

Orson does not consider himself fat, but he really is, especially being insulted of this by Lanolin and Roy such as in "Show Stoppers" where Orson says that he has the body of a superb athlete. Orson is an easy target and one of the most common for Roy to pull pranks on.


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