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Orochimaru is a Character in Tengai Makyou (Far East of Eden) Ziria.


I am Orochimaru!

That's pretty bad. Is that Snah Ball?

If I show it to me, would I get caught in White Snake, even if I would be a friend?

... hahahaha, I'm sorry!

I am Mr. Shogun's Ninja, different from you.

A tribe of "Fire clan" in Jipang, the descendant of "Snake" Girl. Trained under the Snake Sennin, she is a brother and sister of Danjuro Kabuki. Since he was picked up by Edo's Shogun when he was young, he became a spy of direct report to Shogun. Even in the film, because Shogun, who is like Father, has been transferred to Daimon, it has been described that he struggles to fight with Daimon and his opponent Ziria. It is a cool second piece, and there are a lot of statements and declination like the above. The fact that Skill is "Nagashime" also emphasizes it. However, it has a hot heart that respects in-law and friendship. Skill is a Female Dress, and she is infiltrating and collecting information as a billboard daughter at City's Inn, which goes as it goes ahead of Ziria.


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