Oola is female twi'lek from the sixth Star Wars film Return of the Jedi. She the unwitting dancer in Jabba's Palace before Leia replaced her. Oola is a minor character who became slave to Jabba because she wanted to become a famous dancer. She was originally the daughter of chief on her home planet but left her home, friends and family when she was promised fame, wealth, luxury and fortune. Oola had no idea she was tricked until it was to late she was warned about who Jabba was several times but refused to listen she wanted to meet him. Instead getting the custmoary dancing veils that was promised and thst most girls received she was given a flimsy net to wear. Oola was always by Jabba's side everywhere he went she was his favorite girl. Because she was always with him Oola was one of the many people to listen to Luke's message when he tried to convince Jabba to let Han Solo go. She was loyal to Jabba to some extent but occasionally would resist his commands. Her refusal to obey him from time to time was shown when she danced for him during his celebration. Oola always pleased Jabba and kept him entertained yet despite this there were times she didn't feel like giving Jabba what he wanted. There were even moments where she would fail to impress Jabba and dance number was a moment where Jabba finally grew bored with her defiance and no longer wanted her.

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