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Olivia Lindegard (オリヴィア・リンデガルド) is the main of the hentai Himekishi Olivia and the CG-Game Hime Kishi Olivia ~He, Hentai, Kono Hentai Otoko! Sukoshi wa Haji o Shirinasai!~. She is the Princess of Lindegard.

"This Beast. Even if I Become Tainted, I Will Never Be Yours."



A noble, brave and brave princess of the country of Lindegard


As a descendant of King Ash Bell who ruled the Mithras continent 423 years ago, the princess of the second generation of the throne of the Lindegard throne is the strongest of all generations of princesses, honoring its overwhelming strength and beauty so strongly that it is called the coming of King Ash Bell it's called "Mitrus White Rose". However, defeating the fourth attack of the Kingdom of Kerthula led by the Cecil. Following the defeat of her kingdom against the neighboring dark elves' empire, Princess Olivia Lindegard is an hostage to save the lives of her 5,000 prisoners. It is the commander-in-chief of the opposing army, a human named Cecil, who will personally take care of her rehabilitation ...

Physical description

Hair: green, drill hair, intake hair

Eyes: Purples

Body: Large breast, teen

Clothes: dress, plate Armor, spaulders, thighhighs

Voice actor

She is dubbed by Satou Yuki



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