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Nozomi Toujou

Nozomi Toujou is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 17 years old and a third year in high school. Nozomi was born on June 9 and is a Gemini. She has purple hair tied in a double, low ponytail and turquoise eyes. Her theme color is purple. Nozomi is 159 centimeters tall, and her blood type is O. She is part of Lily White, a mini idol unit. She is voiced by Aina Kusuda.


Although Nozomi is not from the Kansai region, she speaks in a Kansai dialect. She enjoys helping out at the local shrine. Nozomi is Eli Ayase's best friend, and she has admitted to Honoka Kousaka that she has seen Eri's emotional (and embarrassing) side.


Nozomi is Eli's best friend and the vice president of the school's student council. She often advises μ's and appears as wise. However, because of the way she punishes them (by grabbing their breasts), she often seems perverted. Despite this, she is the eldest member of μ's.

Clubs and Hobbies[]

She likes reading fortunes and finds an interest in helping the girls as much as possible. She is also the student council vice president.