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Niwa is one of the main characters of Master Raindrop. Her voice actress is Rachel King.


Niwa is a 12-year-old earth element. Her skin is gray and her hair is dark gray and tied in a ponytail by a red bow. She wears a red bracelet on each arm and wears a brown shirt with red accents and dark brown pants, also with red accents. It has the ability to control the land.


When the Golden Dragon was wounded and divided into the five elements, Niwa was sent into the middle of a forest, where she was found by the Jade Spirit and taken to the Jade Palace to live with Jade Princess. Twelve years later, they met with Raindrop, Shao Yen and Jin Hou. Until then everyone - she included - thought that Jade Princess was the earth element, overestimating her for that.

When she, Raindrop, Shao Yen and Jin Hou needed to get another Harmony Disc for Jade Princess, she was able to sense the rockslide that was about to hit Jin Hou, and when Jade Princess was kidnapped by Flamo, she felt that there was something wrong and managed to connect with the ground to identify which way they took her, these foreshadowings of the revelation that she would be the true earth element.

It was confirmed when Grub tried to take one of the jade stones, making her furious and her fury responsible for destabilizing the cave where she was. General Bu tried to capture her, but she, along with the other elements, were saved by the Jade Spirit, who terrified Bu, Flamo and Grub, making them retreat.

After that, she went on her journey with Raindrop, Shao Yen and Jin Hou, meeting with General Bu numerous times until the day Flamo joined her team and helped wake up the Golden Dragon, who defeated Bu and undid all the destruction he caused.


  • Earth Powers: Niwa is able to manipulate any kind of earth around her.
    • Earth Conection: In "Humility", she was able to know when a rockslide was going to happen. After it, she was able to connect with the ground to identify which way Flamo took Jade Princess.
    • Rock Manipulation: Several times Niwa was able to levitate and throw giant rocks and stones.
    • Soil Type Conversion: Niwa is able to covert one type of soil to another.
  • Fusion: He is able to fuse with the other elements to become the Golden Dragon. It's unknown if he still has that power after being permanently separated from Golden Dragon at the end of the series.