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Nightmare Kid is a fictional humanoid character that takes the appearance of a 11 years old normal human male.


Nightmare Kid is a vertebrae aggressive skeletal bipedal humanoid sociopath, he's 160 meters tall but he was 1.1 meter when he was born but after the birth he grew to 160 meters, he resembles a young light yellow skinned brown haired and brown eyed boy that has a enormous mouth that contains a lot of parasitic sharp and pointy needle-like teeth and a massively long whip-like tongue with joined bones joining from the ground connecting his tongue inside which is made from his flesh, his tongue ends with a secondary jaw resembling the primary jaw but small, he doesn't wear like by being so hairy, his hair and hypnotic eyes have the same reddish brown color, he can teleport everywhere, he has large and clear eyes and long thick hair, he is capable of speech and Nightmare Kid was born fully immune and resistant to all diseases and harm, he has a long neck and can rapidly regenerate all his body when any or all its parts are damaged or missing, Nightmare Kid killed more than 9000 or 15000 people, he also kills animals, unlike all flightless beings can't fly, he can fly because has the capability of flight thanks to the bat wings on his upper back shoulders, his stomach acid is much more corrosive than the stomach acid of all vultures and the acid doesn't have effect in him when touch contract is made, he also hates pacifism which is the opposion of aggression, violence, pyschopathy, war, militarism, torture and abuse, he loudly uses disrespect, hateful and rude quotes like he is screaming by anger extremely loudly insulting, he will attempt to kidnap any victim, most of the victims kidnapped, harmed or killed by Nightmare Kid are humans, he has 5 long fingers each hand and 5 long toes each feet and each of them has sharp flat fingernails and toenails, the appears to be uglily creepy, his belly is really almost empty but it has human organs inside his torso and his belly button is oval-shaped, his skeleton can be visible on both skin and meat with a 45 percent of his skeleton visible, his knees can bend both backwards and forward and both his knees and forearms are longer and his thighs and humeruses and can shoot hot burning 1000 degrees brown lasers on both his eyes and mouth but it desn't have effect on him, he can twist his head 360° degrees, his voice is low pitched and corrupted, he makes a gross but creepy roaring sound like a combination of a masculine scream, cough, breath and burp but sounds as his voice, he always makes that same sound as a roar and uses when killing, when killing Nightmare Kid will look angrily at the victim before killing them, he can create magical longer zippers floating in the air, water, etc., to grab something inside, pull someone inside, or hide inside, he can also produce much longer webs, tape, rope, fold, etc., in his fingers including their ending point, he can clone, as he can hypnotize anything when making direct eye contract but Nightmare Kid avoids anything trying to hypnotize him, he currently can't enter any building he tries, he can also get rabies and hypersalivation, he's known to be careless, both of his pupils rapidly get red at the same time when angry, furious, frustated, sad, depressed or confused, when he was younger he was ugly and creepy but not too much.


he was he became the most hated thing of all Earth by killing a 4 year old pacifist girl as his first victim on Early November 2009, if he is told to stop killing and hurting, he will always deny and still continues and maybe will kill the person who told him, he is confirmed highly hostile both to human life and non-human life, attacking all of them on sight with highly dangerous murderer knifes, he appears to be fearless and denies to hug when crying, it is told that he is an extremely dangerous demonic man-eating humanoid, what he did is killing, kidnapping and hurting a millions of beings like he's always doing nonstop, in late 2017 67% of humans or animals who trusted are dead in total they were 16400 deaths in each continent, he is also observed attempting to commit suicide by stab himself, shoot himself and hanging around by a noose only when depressed, the reason why he killed her is still unknown, perhaps he was controlled by the devil or she was afraid of him, we probably do not know what the truth is, Nightmare Kid killed his partners shortly after a punishment by killing 24 victims, his mother was killed first and his father was also killed second, he can shapeshift his body by anyway and will slowly return into his original form, he truly believes that humans are animals and it is still unknown how humans evolved in the kingdom of Animalia but believing humans as animals is correct and humanoids are human-like animals, he can kill anything with a single attack but not all died from a single one attack, the victim's attacked part will explode, he can also cut anything with a single bite, he rapidly revives after dying, he can enter any mirror he touches, he can also grow controlled regenerative long bat-like wings in upper back, long and large scorpion-like tail in the lower back used in lots of things (such as grabbing, tickling, stinging, tie up victims, etc.), single thin shark-like fin in the upper head, long demonic goat-like horns in the upper forehead and 8 long octopus-like tentacles in all the back, but his eyes glow their brown color shortly before and after being transformed, he somethings swears, he can throw anything faster, all throwed objects with go into a speed of 100 km per hour and anything who touch anything throwed by Nightmare Kid will explode and die, he can also make a victim's head explode into small fleshy balls and will lose their blood faster after the head exploded as when he sees them move.


He first was imprisoned 1 hour after killing his partners for 100 years, unlike imprisonments are shorter than life his imprisonment takes 100 years after future.


  1. Flight
  2. Acidic Saliva
  3. Regeneration
  4. Hypnosis (Always Glows Brown)
  5. Reviving
  6. Laser Beams
  7. Hyperkinesis
  8. Diakinesis
  9. Telekinesis
  10. Cytokinesis
  11. Psychokinesis
  12. Shield
  13. Zippers
  14. Cloning
  15. Teleportation


Nightmare Kid is and was also suspected of kidnapping and tying up humans and non-humans, in early February as Nightmare Kid kidnapped 6 babies, the police in Chile was rapidly sent to arrest Nightmare Kid immediately but failed after all the cops were killed longly before Nightmare Kid exits Chile.

Country Origin

Nightmare Kid was born on a snowy city on southern western brazil


Peace Family

Nightmare Kid hates the Peace Family because it doesn't allow people to bully, hurt or kill anybody but Nightmare Kid as he is disallowed, he still kills, bullies and hurts, Nightmare Kid will not apologize to the Peace Family and the group appears to hate him because of his evil behaviour and he will not love Peace Party and will not be a Peacekeeper, this event first started on 2 months after his birth and the event always startes when Nightmare Kid illegally meets the Peace Family, Allowing Nightmare Kid to meet a Pacifist, Peacekeeper or a member of a Pacifist or Peace Group is 100% Illegal.

Status: Enemies



Nightmare Kid is and was confirmed to be evil and is still not known why, He said that he was born satanic and horrifying instead of pacifistic and cute, most being told are confused but after he said it's completely true, he lies saying that Friendship and Peace never wins, and Enemyship and War always win but he always gets wrong after saying that.



Most people who has or had meet or met Nightmare Kid for the first time or every time classified to be the most dangerous creature than any and all other.


  1. After birth: 1.1 meter
  2. 1 Month After: 6.66 meters
  3. 1.5 Years After: 40 meters
  4. 6.66 Years After: 66 meters
  5. 7 Years After: 120 meters
  6. 9.6 Years After: 140 meters
  7. 11 Years After: 160 meters