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Nicolette or as everyone other than her mom calls her, "Nikki"! Nikki is a main character to the animated series Camp Camp. She is 10 years-old and has already bitten more people than she can count. Her original idea was to be heading to Adventure Camp like the brochure promised, but like the fate of most of the campers, she got sent to Camp Campbell instead.



Before Camp Campbell

Nikki was originally part of the Flower Scouts the year before. Due to her adventurous nature and affinity for getting a bit rowdy, the other scouts did not enjoy her being part of the association. They kicked her out and Nikki now has described the experience being traumatic and the Flower Scouts being the place "where happiness goes to die." ("Scout's Dishonor")

Camp Campbell

Nikki arrived at Camp Campbell on the bus the same time Neil did. She made her first impression on David with a firm bite on his hand to show dominance, she claimed. Her impressions were to be going to Adventure Camp, upon the realization that it obviously was not, she took the blame to her mother and assumed her mom liked to her. Unlike Neil, she took pleasure to the chaos happening in her arrival, in fact she wondered what else there was in store. At the end of the day, she got to help drive a bus (and crashed it).

Nikki can usually be found doing activities with a hyperactive joy, she will be willing to make it dangerous and chaotic if it means more fun! She has gone after a platypus after learning about the poisonous attributes it has, she has made friends with a hawk, and has communicated to an aggressive wolf. She has been attempted to be lit on fire, and allegedly it's too common for the counselors' comfort. Unlike the other campers, she seems to enjoy the camp activities truly; though usually because she puts a spin on it.


Nikki is one of the shorter campers in Lake Lilac, she and Max share the same height. Nikki has thin limbs and a tapered rectangular body. She has two bandages in the form of an "X" on her left cheek, due to her hurting herself on adventures. On her right cheek, she has scratches for the same reason. Her eyes are a magenta hue with a black iris, her ears and nose share the same color which is darker than her overall skin tone.


Nikki in an outfit to impersonate Ered.

Nikki's hair is a dull mint green, just like her mother's. Her eyebrows being a slight darker color. Her hair is curled at the ends and on the top of her head in a large swirl of floof, the rest of the hair on her head lays flat. She has her hair tied into two pigtails, which she very rarely takes down. The ends of her hair reach bellow mid-back and have a light lift to themselves from where they are pulled back. In "Ered Gets Her Cool Back", Nikki lets her hair down and puts a streak of mud in her hair in order to imitate Ered's image. In "New Adventure!" Nikki is shown to easily be able to ruffle her hair into a more voluminous shape, this was used to impersonate Max.


Nikki imitating Max's hair.

Nikki wears a yellow tee to match the camp's uniform, the neck and arm rings are a mustard color. Over this she wears a pair of red overalls with darker red straps and yellow buttons, the legs are rolled up to her knees. Her shoes are a light teal with the toe and bottoms being white, the laces are a darker teal. Her socks are white and reach her mid-calves.

Nikki's Winter clothing in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever" retains the same idea as her ordinary attire, but the shirt now has sleeves to reach her wrists and her overalls are rolled down.

She has a swimsuit as seen in "Who Peed in the Lake", a red one-piece.


She is a very friendly girl and willing to do a task, especially if it involves getting a little dirty. Unlike her some of her peers, she does not swear excessively, in fact it's scarce. Nikki is able to be very determined and set on whatever her role may be in the situation, she takes it to the highest level she can. She is quick to focus on a new topic or assessment and usually does it without question; this can really be shown in "New Adventure!" which as the title states, it's about a new focus for an adventure every other minute. She gets along with most of the campers pretty well, even the more hostile ones or chance of being harmed in a way; such as Nurf.

With her friends, Max and Neil, she is a follower. Max is the leader of their group and she has described him as being micro-managing "literally all of the time" ("New Adventure!") She enjoys the spontaneous nature of things, of what unplanned thing will be happening next. In fact, a perfectly normal day at camp is a nightmare to her and she would hate to live it. She is known for being eccentric with activities, and can be a prime target of chaos for the camp, though usually with the rest of the main trio being involved she will not be the only one receiving a blame.

She absolutely loves animals and even has the ability to communicate with them. She seems to be the closest with the camp mascot, the platypus, she is the one to go after it in the first place. In "Camporee" she challenged the other two camps to perform cross-species communication. She successfully barked at a wolf and then ordered it to "kill" while pointing for the other campers. She has also had less successful attempts on speaking to squirrels, this may just be because the squirrels are kinda meanies. In "Scout's Dishonor" she was able to tame a hawk and even deem it the name Timothy, she was able to give it orders as well; this allowed her and Neil to make it back to camp.

Nikki is shown to be gluttonish on many occasions. She will get excited over food and scarf it down quickly if she really wants to, she'll even show it off. She enjoys stealing food as well and has seemed to do so with the main trio, pudding time. In the theme song, already she can be seen quickly shoving forks of the mashed potatoes. In "Parent's Day" she practically takes Neil's food without waiting for a response. She is hinted to be given extra food and has asked for it. In "City Survival" not only does she scarf down an entire food line, she later fills her pockets with food from the buffet. In the same episode she shouts excitedly when arriving at an are of food trucks. In "Nikki's Last Day on Earth", she quickly devours the table-full of courses that Nurf has prepared for her; though this was also enhanced by cravings.


  • One returning gag in the show is Nikki's ability to grow her hair back extremely fast. Her hair has gotten pulled out multiple times and returns soon after.
    • In "Quartermaster Appreciation Day" there is a plastic bag of Nikki's hair. This could be a reference to said gag.
  • Nikki has pretended to be a dog on multiple occasions.
    • Ered's attack dog in "Camp Cool Kidz".
    • A bloodhound in "Reigny Day".
    • < >
    • Max's attack dog in "Camp Loser says What".
  • Nikki appears to have a hardcore sugar craving and will start having withdrawals if she gets hooked.
  • Nikki has only has three accounts of cussing.
    • "Space Camp was a Hoax" her words of "motherf*cker" are cut off with Space Kid's perspective switch.
    • In "Ered Gets Her Cool Back" Nikki repeatedly has lines that say "dammit".
    • During her impersonation of Max she paraphrases his nature of diction with "sh*t dammit".
  • Nikki demonstrates to be fond of peanut butter in "Squirrel Camp".
  • In "New Adventure" it is revealed she meets every week with Dolph and Nerris for how they explore.
  • Nikki seems to be a tad into art, she is seen doodling from time to time and has even created a eastern anime-inspired portrait of David.

    Nikki showing the bartender her drawing of David from "Into Town".

  • As show in "Into Town", if Nikki is away from nature too long she starts to go into a new stage of appearance. Her pigtails form into braids, her eyelashes are prominent and she wears a dress. All of this while leading to her looking extremely ill and coughing up blood.
  • Nikki loves Parent's Day Christmas!
    • Nikki has gotten the two days mixed up, twice. ("Parent's Day" and "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever")
  • Nikki's mom, Candy, has made her go birdwatching before as mentioned in "Something Fishy".
  • As mentioned in "Parent's Day", Nikki has always wanted an older brother.
    • She says this while referring to the fact that Neil's father and her mother seem to "like-like" each other. Meaning she was viewing Neil as a step-brother, at least in that moment.
      • She wants top bunk.
  • Nikki can be nurturing and enjoys doing so, as seen in "Eggs Benefits".
  • Nikki seems to view Max as sort of an impulse block. He stops her from doing stupid things if it really is too troublesome.
    • She has been digging a deep hole and tells Neil that Max would have stopped them by now ("Follow the Leader")
  • Not fond of cinnamon. ("The Quarter-Moon Convergence").