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New Girl is a character from the Whirl: Ada and Friends segment, "Miffed Givings". She is voiced by Jill Bernard.

About New Girl

New Girl is about to enter the Sunday School Attendance party held at the First Second Church when Otto and his friends arrive at the same room where it's taking place. Otto tells her that as a new attendee, she can't attend the party. When she asks "I can't?", Otto tells her no, because it wouldn't be fair to those who have been attending regularly. Dejected and disappointed, New Girl complies and leaves.

New Girl is then seen at the party, where Tot hands her two slices of pizza on a plate. New Girl takes it and when Otto sees this, he tries to stop it by lunging towards the plate of pizza, but misses. Tot says hi to Otto and he tells her the New Girl can't partake in any of the festivities because she hasn't gone to the church for long, and asks if her getting a gift bag is next. When New Girl asks, "You mean this?", and shows the bag she received, Otto is shocked to find she got one. Ada comes over and tells Otto that after she talked with the others, they decided that New Girl is welcome. New Girl tells Ada she has a name, but before she can reveal what it is, Ada interrupts by telling Otto that they shouldn't be so concerned about her not attending for as long as many others, but the fact that she's here now is what matters. Otto relents and welcomes New Girl, she thanks him and offers him her bottle of bubbles. He turns down the offer at first, but then has second thoughts and decides that he'll take that after all, if she's not using them.

Afterwards, New Girl has since made several, other appearances as a background character, such as playing tuba in an orchestra in "Disastrous Delay".

Physical Appearance

New girl is a slender, young girl with light hot pink skin. She has light deep pink hair worn in a ponytail with a curled fringe and she wears a deep pastel purple dress.


New Girl is nice, thoughtful, and generous.


  • Miffed Givings (featured character)
  • Disastrous Delay (background character)