Nenji Ogata

Nenji Ogata.png

Nenji Ogata is a Protagonist is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


Boy with Regent Hair. A male high school student attending Sakura High School. 1 year group D. It's impatient and bad-mouthed, but it's kindhearted. Due to his strong quarrel and courage, he became a famous person among the surrounding Yankees during his junior high school years. Father is an executive of a large company, Shikishima Heavy Industries. A childhood friend of Miwako Sawatani and Natsuno Minami. With Tomi Kisaragi and others, after a painful survival from 2025, experience the "time returns" by accident on the train. While being rewound, a mysterious voice instructed me to unravel the "Key." Machine Soldier's Activation Marker is Right Ankle.

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