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Natsuki Sasahara

Natsuki Sasahara is one of the main Lilpris. She is the athletic tomboy out of the group, and her Ma-Pet is a dragon named Ryoku. Her signature colors are black, green, and purple.

Personailty and Interest

Natsuki is portrayed as a headstrong, and tomboyish girl. She's shown to not admit to her true feelings at times, and dislikes lies. An example of this was shown in episode 35, "Oh No! Trouble with the Magic Card!," when she scolded Ryoku when he made a joke about how he saw Miss Sunflower.

Natsuki has shown interest in sports, and is very athletic. She's shown to be good at sports such as soccer and box vaulting.


Natsuki has long purple hair, usually in pigtails, and aqua eyes. As Princess Kaguya, her hairstyle becomes a hime cut adorned with small odangos. Her casual outfit is a green and black shirt with a ribbon on the chest area and long sleeves that are poofy on top (as well as stripes on the green parts in the game), a golden yellow belt with a butterfly-shaped buckle, short dark purple shorts, black thigh-high socks and golden-trimmed black boots. Her summer outfit in the anime is composed of a lavender shirt with white frills and an orange butterfly shape on the front, green overalls and orange ankle-high shoes that look like a combo between sandals and boots. In episode 17, at the beach, her hair is put in droopy ringlet buns with light blue-green flower-shaped hair decorations, and her swimsuit is a spring green three-piece.

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