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Nathaniel Kurtzberg, known as Caprikid is one of the supporting characters of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.





The Goat Miraculous will grant him enhanced physical abilities, an omni-purpose tool, and a unique superpower.

As The Evillustrator

The Evillustrator has the power to draw whatever he wants onto his drawing tablet to make it appear and exist in real life. The objects he creates can levitate and move freely in the air. He can also erase objects, both real-life objects or previous drawings, such as erasing a hole into a wall. However, in order to draw, the Evillustrator needs light, so in darkness, he is unable to use his powers.

Additionally, the Evillustrator is supernaturally agile, being able to leap high and far distances.

The Miraculous manga gives him additional powers, such as the ability to create a "texture shield" around himself that paralyzes his opponents.

  • Drawing creation: he can create anything he draws on his tablet. including big shoes.
  • Animation: he can make his drawing creations move on their own.
  • Existence erasure: he can erase anything as well, which includes things in real-life.
  • Super agility: he can jump to another spot from far away.
  • Light: if there is no light, he can't draw anything.