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During the film production, the character Nathaniel had somehow taken inspiration from the appearance of a child who always went to the club where the production team often goes to; the character name was derived from Seattle Gaels. (just with the Seattle and prepending another Geals to it).


Physical appearance

Nathaniel is a Irish Painter with orange fur that covers most of his body, and black eyes and a long fluffy tail (similar to that of Miles "Tails" Prower) with a little longer of white.


Nathaniel And Dylan (2022)

Aachi and Ssipak makes their appearance, as driving in their motorcycles with having juicybars before, with Aachi running over a Captain Carrie, and tells Dylan if she was faster than him by calling him a ninetails, which Dylan calls her a flower and drives faster which Aachi dislikes it as they catch up together to the pirate ship.