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Nathalie Sancoeur, known as Mayura, is the secondary antagonist of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.


She helps Gabriel with his business.


She takes her job seriously, and is very strict with Adrien.



As a result, she wears a brooch known as the Peacock Miraculous, which when worn grant Nathalie the ability to transform into Mayura, her supervillian alias.

As the holder of a Miraculous, Nathalie is assisted by a small blue creature resembling a peacock called Duusu, who is a magical being known as a Kwami. As Mayura, Nathalie's signature ability is emotion.

  • Entity creation: her special power, Amokization, allows her to create sentimonsters from one's emotions. She does so by infusing a feather with blue energy and sending to infect an object.
  • Sentimonster control: she forced the sentimonster created by Wang Fu from eating her miraculous and destroyed her own sentimonster after it turned on her.
  • Telepathy: she can speak to her amokized victims, similar to Hawk Moth when he akumatizes someone.

As Catalyst

  • Power enhancement: she takes an object and infuses it with scarlet energy, enabling her host to become stronger. She can also speak to the ones she's enhanced with a mask appearing on both her and the host's faces, similar to Hawk Moth's telepathy.


  • Business intuition: she helps Gabriel in his business.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: she took on the Punishers Trio without transforming into Mayura and held them off before being turned into a Reflekta clone and being paused by Lady Wifi.


She works as Gabriel's assistant, also helping Adrien with his schedule.


  • She is the first person to know Hawk Moth's real identity, the other being Bunnyx. In an alternate timeline, Ladybug and Cat Noir found out after he revealed himself verbally, although this eventually came undone.