Nathan "Nate" Gardner is a character in Storks. He lives with his workaholic parents, and is the one who wrote a letter to the storks to deliver the baby. He is voiced by Anton Starkman.


Growing up with busy parents, Nate shows that he feels lonely without having anyone to play with. The result of this is that he pesters his parents to get him a baby brother, so he'll feel less alone all the time, and is visibly distraught when his parents tell him no.

Nate has shown to be innocent, yet extremely creative. In the beginning he is shown to have no clue on how babies are made, as he does not understand why his parents are laughing when he asked "Well where did you guys get me?" when referring to where he can get himself a baby brother.

On the other hand, he is shown that he is extremely bright, as well as manipulative, for his age. In preparation for his baby brother to arrive, he successfully guilt trips his father into helping him by saying "Blink and I'll be in college", "Remember when I was a baby, feels like a minute ago." and "Dad, you'll be my idol for two more years." Later on he is shown to be using a similar tactic with his mother to have her help them destroy the house, reminding her that he is not yet a jerky teenager and that she does not have much longer to create precious memories with him.


Nate Gardner appears to be an averaged height child, that has brown hair and eyes. He wears a white T-shirt that has green sleeves.

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