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Narf was one of the quartet of fun-loving monsters on Sesame Street's Monster Clubhouse segments. Like Cookie Monster, he has googly eyes.

Outside of the Clubhouse, Narf taught Pino to play with other monsters by singing "Don't Be a Bully". As of late 2014 after the performers named this monster "Sorbet" for the Tea Time Monsters for The Furchester Hotel, his original name has abruptly expired. One of the last Sesame Street to use this puppet with it's original name in place was Numeric Con. That name was given before the christmas special episode on The Furchester Hotel; Thus, his prototype character name was deleted after the Furchester episode Furchester on Wheels. The name "Narf" is still known for his Furchester and the U.S. Sesame episodes even if he is renamed to that character these days. His most recent appearance was in the song "Sit Down" from season 45.


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  • On 5, Rue Sésame, Narf is one of the main characters and is called Yoyo. He is potrayed as a very worried monster who makes friends easily. The puppet is also used in The Furchester Hotel as one of the Tea Time Monsters.


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