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Nagihiko Fujisaki (藤咲なぎひこ, Fujisaki Nagihiko) is a male hero in the manga and anime series Shugo Chara!, the male ego of "Nadeshiko Fujisaki," and one of the main protagonists of the story. He is voiced by Saeko Chiba.


In Episode 25, Nadeshiko is revealed to be a boy named Nagihiko. It is a tradition in the Fujisaki family for the males to be raised as females as part of their training so that they may play female roles in Japanese dances.

Nagihiko reveals himself as Nadeshiko's "twin brother" to Amu. In the anime, he never tells Amu the truth about him and "his twin sister". In the manga, though he struggles at first, he manages to tell Amu his secret. The only people who know his secret (besides his family) are Rhythm, Temari, Kukai, Daichi, Tadase, Kiseki, Nobuko Saeki, Dia, Tsukasa Amakawa, Rima, Kusukusu, and in the manga only, Amu.

After Kairi Sanjo left, he returns in Episode 56. Using his true identity, he is appointed as the new Jack's Chair.

In Chapter 4 of Shugo Chara Encore, with some encouragement from Rima, he hurriedly whispers to Amu that he is Nadeshiko, shocking Amu while she catches the bouquet that Yukari threw. (It was Nikaidou's and Yukari's wedding that day, in the manga).


He has amber eyes, and long flowing indigo hair.

As Nagihiko: As Nagihiko, he lets his hair loose. He wears the blue Royal Cape and the Seiyo Academy boy's uniform. He has also been seen wearing sportswear.

As Nadeshiko: As Nadeshiko, his hair is tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon that has sakura flower ends. Compared to other girls, Nadeshiko was extremely tall for his age. He has been seen wearing traditional Kimonos while practicing Japanese dance.

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