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The Mummy Servants are the slaves of Sutekh and main villains of "Retro–Puppetmaster".


The mummies have many special magic powers, the leader can summon a green ball of energy that he eats and regains his full strength, they can also put people to sleep, sense people, send people nightmare messages and drain victim's energy.


The Servants were three mummies that were resurrected by Sutekh to go to Paris, France to find the wizard, Afzel who has stolen the secret of life. When they arrived in Paris, they wore disguises so nobody would know that they are members of the undead, they hid in a secret lair in the Paris Catacombs and paid two thugs to murder Afzel for them, when the thugs failed to carry out the plan, the mummies killed them.


When Afzel gave the secret of life to Andre Toulon, the three mummies killed all of his fellow puppeteers. Andre Toulon then bought his friends back to life as the retro puppets. Toulon put up special protection signs on his door and even had a scar on his arm, this symbol protects him from the mummies. They break into the Swiss Embassy and kill all of the workers, and kidnap Elsa Toulon. Andre Toulon fights them to the death using the help of his puppet friends, and rescues Elsa.


  • The main mummy was suppose to transform into an Anubis type monster but it was cut for budget reasons.
  • The effects team on the movie were told that the mummies were cut from the movie, but were re-added at the last minute so they had to go shopping in Bucharest fast and buy rolls of gauze bandages and then get back to the studio and prepare the mummies in just 3 hours.