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Muji is another one of Sooga's resident villains and often refers to himself in third person. He is also a recurring background character and sometimes helps out in the village when he's not the episode's villain.


Muji is obsessed with grooming his (apparently sentient) mustache and loathes anyone who has a bigger mustache than he does. Muji has an army of rather stupid zombie minions called "Xombies". He also regularly attempts to lay claim to public property, such as a beach or maple syrup-producing woods. His catchphrase is "Not good for Muji" whenever something goes wrong.

Ping Pong Champion

In Ping Pong Pucca, Master Soo wonders if any of the teams could beat Muji's record for consecutive wins. When it appears that Garu and Abyo are going to do that, Muji gets mad and says that the only person who could beat his record was himself. He plays with Tobe against Garu and Pucca, but loses.


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