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Mugman is the deuteragonist and one of two playable characters of the 2017 Studio MDHR video game Cuphead as well as the deuteragonist of the Netflix animated series The Cuphead Show!.


Mugman is an anthropomorphic mug with a humanoid body and a mug as a head, hence the name Mugman. His head is slightly taller than Cuphead's head, making his head more mug-like. He appears to have gray skin, a blue and white striped straw protruding out the back of his head, along with an unknown liquid filling his head. He has small oval eyes and a large blue nose. He wears white Mickey Mouse-like gloves, a black long-sleeve shirt, blue shorts, and brown shoes.


Mugman appears to be more mature and self-aware than his older brother Cuphead, who is more greedy and cocky. Unlike Cuphead, Mugman knew the dangers of accepting The Devil's risk but was too late to do anything about it as Cuphead, blinded by the reward, had already rolled the dice. He's also quite forgiving, as he doesn't seem to possess any grudge against Cuphead for putting both their lives at risk. Mugman likes to play with Cuphead outside.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

First appearing in the "Ready? Wallop!" event, Mugman appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a ace primary shield spirit that increases the user's jump. His spirit battle is on the Garden of Hope stage against two Mega Man (two Mii Gunners on their Cuphead costumes if the said costume got purchased) who have increased power on attacks, suddenly have a Final Smash and favors neutral specials.


  • In the Steam Store artwork for Cuphead, Mugman appears to be wearing blue shoes, despite him wearing brown shoes in-game. However, this was later revealed to be intentional to mirror the inconsistencies of cartoons back in the 1930s where the colors of the character's gloves and shoes in posters were different from their original designs.
  • His parents have never been seen or mentioned, hinting that he and Cuphead are orphans.
  • Mugman's age is unknown.
  • There is a glitch that multiplies Mugman (as long as he is the second player) that is known as the "Mugman Army Glitch".
  • Mugman was only able to be played by player 2 in co-op; as of April 18, there is now a character select option.

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