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Mrs. Jonathan (Elizabeth) Brisby is the main protagonist of the 1982 film: The Secret of NIMH. She is Jonathan Brisby's sweet and very beautiful widow and mother of Teresa, Martin, Cynthia and Timmy. She is voiced by the late Elizabeth Hartman, later voiced by Debi Mae West in the 1998 sequel: The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue.


Mrs. Brisby is a slender mouse with light brown fur, blue eyes, a bucktooth, light brown hair on top of her head, a pink nose, a tan muzzle, and curvy pink ears


Despite her sweetness and beauty, Mrs. Brisby is shy and timid in the beginning, but she is also motherly because she has four children to take care of. She used to get scared real easy, especially around Dragon the cat and heights. But when her youngest son Timothy falls ill, she became willing to do anything to save him, even it means visiting the Great Owl and the rats of N.I.M.H. (The National Institute for Mental Health).