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Mr. Yum, or simply Yum, is the Hamburger mascot of Jollibee, and one of the main characters of the TV series Jollitown. He is a scientist and a tech-whiz, but sometimes an engineer. He also likes experimenting and building things. His theme color is Green.


Mr. Yum in his classic appearance.

Yum is at a medium height with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Originally he wore a burger hat, a blue suit (later beige) and red tie, and black moccasins. He resembled a mailman.

In 2008, he was redesigned, and now looks younger and a bit "nerd". He now wears a burger cap, yellow goggles, a purple shirt with short blue sleeves and long orange sleeves, carrying a fanny pack in his hips, green cargo pants and blue sneakers.


Yum is smart, nice, helpful, and curious. In Jollitown, he is shown to enjoy teaching kids and discovering something then show it to the world, in which there were times he usually stays in his lab to build things. As Twirlie's older brother, he is caring and protective.


  • He is 4 years older than Twirlie.
  • He is Twirlie's older brother.
  • Mr. Yum is the first character to be created in Jollibee's
  • He made appearances in 2 canceled games called Jollibee's and Jollibee's Phase 2.