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During the events of Disney and Pixar's first ever holiday-themed television special Toy Story of Terror, a mysterious reptile called Mr. Jones took the role as the secondary antagonist.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who is known for the voice of Perry the Platypus from Disney Channel's hit animated series, Phineas and Ferb.He is an iguana, although he acts more like that of a domestic dog. He was Ron the Manager's pet. After he kidnapped Jessie, he was revealed to be the mysterious creature who kidnapped the toys and brought them over to his owner so he could sell the toys online. He attacked Jessie but wound up having a change of heart as he dropped out Combat Carl's hand and Mr. Potato Head's arm. Jessie and Mr. Jones pulled off Ron's curtain, much to the anger of Mrs. Anderson noticing his secret evil plot to sell the toys online. Later, Ron fed him a dog dish. It is unknown what happened to him at the end of the special though its likely that he will return as a main character.