Mr. Igoe was a henchman who worked for Victor Scrimshaw. Silent and ruthless, Igoe was missing his right hand, having lost it at some unspecified point in the past. However Dr. Canker, with whom he was romantically involved, designed a limb replacement system that allowed Igoe to "swap out" his default cosmetic hand for a variety of weapons, including a gun and a drill. When Scrimshaw wanted the microchip that was in Tuck Pendleton's miniaturized sub, Igoe got into a sub of his own and was shrunken and injected into Jack Putter's body. He and Pendleton battled until Igoe fell into Jack's stomach and was digested.


  • In the shooting script for Innerspace, Igoe is an android rather than a flesh and blood human, as depicted in the film, and he dies when Tuck punches his fist into Igoe's stomach and rips out his mechanical innards. Ironically, whereas in the film he behaves in a very machine-like manner despite being human (such as never speaking) until he screamed as he fell into the stomach acid, in the script, the android Igoe shows emotion several times.
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