Moussa is a character in the series Mini Wolf/Mini Loup.

Physical Appearance

Moussa is a small stout gray anthropomorphic male elephant. He wears a blue shirt with matching pants and a green, yellow, and red winter cap, which was made by his grandmother.


Additional Information

Moussa is a kind elephant with a big heart. Since he was young, he has learned to pay attention to others and to master his strength. He also has a very excellent memory.

It is said that Moussa only remembers what he wants to remember. It is also said he is passionate about Africa and as soon as he sulks, Mini Wolf and Anderson manage to get rid of him by asking him questions about his country and asking him to tell them funny proverbs.

Moussa also talks about his grandmother, who never appeared in the animated series. In the cartoon episode, "Sulky Chops Moussa" ("Maussade Moussa") Moussa seemed depressed about his Grandmother due to her being sick, and she lives far away, possibly in Africa, and he cannot see her. It made him very grumpy and when Mini Wolf and Anderson tried to help him, and after taking off his hat that his grandmother made for him, he broke down and cried and revealed to Mini Wolf and Anderson about his grandmother's being sick. After hearing this, Mini Wolf and Anderson joined Moussa in his sadness and then decided to help him send his grandmother something.

Moussa seems to like eating cherries.

Moussa also seems gassy and tends to flatulate.

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