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Mongo was a giant gingerbread man that appears in Shrek 2, who helps Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, and others friends to enter Far Far Away's castle to stop the Fairy Godmother.


After being freed by his fairytale friends, Shrek has the idea, with Gingy to create a giant gingerbread man to get into the castle and save Fiona. Then, they go to Drury Land where they ask the Muffin Man to create Mongo. After what, the giant pastery is leaded to the castle by Donkey. In front of the guards, Mongo violently gets hurt by a ball in fire that makes a gumdrop button fall. Angry, Mongo shoots into the firing ball that crashes on the guards' attack post.

Then, he he grabs the bridge he tries to lower, but the guards the guards spill hot milk on him. Mongo tries to low the bridge a second time but he again receives milk which separates him from his arms and falls into the water. Shrek manages to get inside thanks to the arms which held a slight opening before going to pieces. As everyone else crosses over the bridge, Mongo tells Gingy to be good as he sinks into the water.

Mongo is seen one last time, singing Livin' La Vida Loca underwater.