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Momotaro (桃太郎) is a character of the Peach Boy Legend.


Voice Actor: Nozomu Sasaki

Love and the child of courage. In the works that have appeared as a hero, not to emit their own words basically. However, in the Nes version there are words in the opening and ending, the conversation usually because it has emerged as a "Peach Boy Legend Gaiden" In one supporting role. More of height was slightly higher setting than Princess Yasha In the "New Peach Boy Legend" (Momotaro is 146cm, Princess Yasha is 144cm) is lower than the clearly Princess Yasha in the railway. In the NES version, but there is a set of age have been removed in a remake of the PSX version (three years later than the "Peach Boy Legend II" in the NES version, "New Peach Boy Legend" has become after six years treatment).



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