Mojo is one of many Killer Klowns that invade Crescent Cove.

Mojo is seen operating the rather big vacuum device that sucks up people trapped in Cotton Candy Cocoons, Mojo later took part in chasing Mike, Debbie and Dave through their spaceship. Mojo and the others corner the three humans on a stack of blocks and attempt to hit them.

Eventually the Terenzi brothers crash in using the big clown head on their ice cream truck to distract the Klowns including Mojo, causing them to let the humans go unharmed. Eventually Mojo and the others clear a path for their true leader, Klownzilla who lowers down and tries to kill the three humans.

When Klownzilla begins his attack Mojo and the other Klowns begin to prepare the Big Top for takeoff and it begins to do so as Klownzilla tries to kill Dave, who successfully kills the Klown leader causing the Big Top to explode taking Mojo and all the other Killer Klowns with it.

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