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Mochi is a minor character in Big Hero 6. He is the pet Japanese bobtail of the Hamada household.



Small, round, Japanese bobtail, green collar with a bell.

Mochi art

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  • Mochi's name comes from a type of Japanese rice cake, which is usually made in a special mochitsuki ceremony, and is usually served around the Japanese New Year.
  • Mochi was originally going to have rocket boosters that were made by Hiro. Although Paul Briggs and screenwriter Robert L. Barid absolutely adored the idea, there was no way that it could be put into the movie in a way that would make sense in context with the movie. However, the idea was later recycled when Hiro and Tadashi were in San Fransokyo Tech in the background as someone's science experiment. When seeing some advertising for the movie in Japan and seeing the Japanese audience fall in love with the concept, Briggs said, "You guys do realize that Rocket Cat hasn't been in the movie for a year now?" as the idea was removed early on in production.[1]
  • Although Mochi does not get rocket boosters, at San Fransokyo Tech there is a student making a pair for his own cat, which has a similar appearance to Mochi (though it is a black cat). The student and his cat can be seen when Tadashi first walks Hiro through his school's lab.
  • Baymax's infamous line while petting Mochi, "Hairy baby... ...HAIRY BABY!" has become a popular internet meme.


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