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"“Fritter's the name, and me and the Crazy 8's have some unfinished business with ol' Lightning"

  • McQueen.” ―Miss Fritter

Miss Fritter is a minor character in the 2017 Disney/Pixar film Cars 3.

Official Description

Miss Fritter loves the smash-and-crash life of demolition derby. A local legend at the Thunder Hollow Speedway, Fritter's formidable school-bus-size is intimidating, but it's her smoke stacks of doom, razor-sharp stop sign and crazy collection of her victims' license plates that usually steers her opponents in the other direction.[2]

Physical Appearance

Miss Fritter has the bodywork of a yellow school bus, but has bigger tires, that all have the shapes of two wrenches spray-painted on them. She has blue eyes, pipes resembling two horns, chains going through her hood and fenders, a circular saw blade painted red with the word "stop" in capitals, and several symbols painted on her sides (including the number "58"). She even has a smaller tooth between her front teeth.

Role in the film

She competes in a demolition derby at the Thunder Hollow Speedway, when Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez visit there.

Video games

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Miss Fritter is confirmed as a playable character in the game.