Minnie Nixel
Minnie Nixel is a character of Princess Josie-Riki. She is the oldest of the three Nixel Sisters.


Minnie, the only Nixel Sister that has all her irises black with white pupils appears as a tall human-like Nixel with pink lips, pink eyeliner, pink cheek makeup, a pink heart on her left cheek, black hair that has white streaks tied in a ponytail, a pink hairbow, a pink and black dress with a white apron, a pink heart bow, pink puffed sleeves with white ends on the top of her dress, pale black gloves and black Mary Jane shoes with long white socks that go up to her knees.


Minnie is the oldest Nixel Sister and an innocent sibling towards her younger sisters, Torine and Irma. She has sweet and caring moments with her young sisters, but she's also not opposed to calling them dorks if they're acting or dressing like one like in Princess Josie-Riki deep down, she still cares for Torine and Irma as her young sisters, regardless of the situation as such.

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