Mini Wolf also known as "Mini Loup" is the titular character to the series of the same name and one of the main characters.
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Mini Wolf is rather cute, reserved and daredevil, he likes to do nonsense and have fun with his friends.

Mini Wolf can be quite a trouble maker! He can be defiant, selfish, dishonest, and bossy.

Mini Wolf also has a good heart and can be helpful too, and also honest. He also has this powerful roar, which he once used to save a younger kid's life.

Physical Appearance

Mini Wolf is an anthropomorphic brown male wolf pup. He usually wears a black short-sleeve shirt with white trims on his collar and the end of his sleeves, red trousers, and black shoes with white accents. He also wears white pajamas and sometimes a white jacket.

He was voiced by an unknown VA in season 1 but he was voiced by Debi Derrybery in season 2.



  • Mini Wolf's Father
  • Mini Wolf's Mother
  • Leeloo a.k.a. "Dilou" (Mini Wolf's Sister.)
  • Mini Wolf's Grandfather
  • Mini Wolf's Grandmother
  • Paolo (Mini Wolf's Cousin)
  • Robbie (Mini Wolf's Paternal Uncle)


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