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Mindy is a recurring villain from Billy and Mandy. She is considered to be a very typical antagonistic and cruel cheerleader-type female antagonist who has an intense rivalry with Mandy and goes as far beating nerdy people like Billy and Irwin. She however is neither particularly bright nor especially open-minded leading to her being easy to manipulate. It is strongly implied that she has inferiority issues about her appearance and her social status which is why she goes as far as trying to incinerate Mandy when she takes her place in "The Longest Yard". Her vain yet narrow-minded personality was taken advantage of Bun Bunin the Under Fist movie. She is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane, who is well known for voicing Number 362 from Code-name: Kids Next Door, Chimera from Winx Club, Hayley Smith from American Dad, and Samantha Rhodes from Lego Atlantis: The Movie.

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