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Milton is a yellow whatnot friend and a straight man to these 2 monsters named Tug and Icky No-No. One monster he experienced was Tug who is a singing monster that sang songs to him on Baseball and the Anything song. When he informed him that singing would not be a good idea when competing into the sports activity sketch, he thought he would obey his rule of not singing, but instead gets annoyed by his songs about baseball. Milton interrupted Tug 3 times over the singing action that almost broke up friendship with him and Milton. After the baseball sang, he thought Tug was singing, but he told the truth that it was the baseball and not him. He was led into singing along with the baseball and Tug. Another problematic sketch was his spaghetti that he wanted to eat for his lunch which Icky No-No messed with him by messing with the spaghetti and not allowing him to eat his spaghetti causing him to starve. Icky No-No also suggested some clothes for Milton's first day of school on the other sketch besides the spaghetti sketch. In the other sketch where Frecklehead had a disguise of being a ghost, Milton knows the truth that the cat's not a ghost while Scary Mary's cat was pretending to be a ghost. The character appeared on Muppet Time.


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