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Milo is a fish from the series Fish Hooks. He is labeled a "party guy." He is the brother of Oscar and best friends with Bea Goldfishburg.


He is a cute 16-year-old fish who likes to have to have fun and party. If anything happens he will volunteer to help ("Bea Stays in the Picture"). And Milo will never let any of his friends leave their friendship ("Fish Sleepover Party"). He also seems to show that he has attention disabilities ("Fail Fish"). Milo once had to stay in a wheelchair because he rode down a waterfall in a barrel ("Doris Flores Gorgeous"). Milo likes doing various things like sticking his head in a water pipe and swimming down a waterfall ("Doris Flores Gorgeous"). Milo is also very lazy and always wears Oscar's underwear ("Dances with Wolf Fish"). It is also shown that there is another Milo which looks like him ("The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish"). Although he is rather mischievious and always laughs on others when they get pranked, he does not lie when he did or did not performed a prank ("Milo on the Lam"). He can also be very determined for certain things ("Flying Fish"). He describes himself as a guy that "Goes into dangerous adventures for no good reason" ("Peopleing").


  • Milo is normally always a class clown.
  • Milo loves apples ("Funny Fish", "Baldwin the Super Fish", "Flying Fish").
  • Milo used to be selfish ("Fish Out of Water," "Dollars and Fish").
  • He and Oscar do not seem to have last names, due to the fact that when someone had called Oscar he replied "Oscar the Fish."
  • Whenever Bea is playing a video game with him and Oscar, Oscar tells him to press the B button as the words "Hit B!" in which he thinks is "Hit Bea!" and he hits Bea instead of the B button on his controller ("Two Clams in Love").
  • Sometimes takes stuff literally like a literal dream from Mr. Mussels ("Flying Fish").


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