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Milk Chan is the title heroine of her self-titled anime. She was voiced by Japanese voice actress Haruka Nakamura.


Milk is an infantile little girl whose status as a superhero is questionable. She is often selfish, vain, short-tempered, and has a habit of drooling, but is not devoid of decent qualities. She harbors a Love-Hate Relationship with the President and Tetsuko, alternating between tormenting them and getting along with them. Although she works officially for the President, she chooses on her own whether or not she wants to follow his orders. Coincidentally, her house is in the shape of a baby bottle and she still drinks powdered milk from a baby bottle on occasion.

Powers and Abilities

  • Agility Mode - The user has ability to have an enhanced agility form. With this mode, they can move quickly, efficiently and effortlessly, and they can do things such as athletics, parkour, gymnastics and acrobatics with ease.
  • Child Prodigy - Child prodigies are often very young. They are mostly gifted with abilities and are able to perform them at the level of a highly trained adult in a very demanding field of endeavor. This is either because of a latent talent within the child or inheritance of the child's family line.