Mikura Suzuki

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Mikura Suzuki is a Main Protagonist from Mezzo and Mezzo Forte


  • Allies: Harada and Kurokawa
  • Status: Alive
  • Hair color: Salmon Pink
  • Eye color: Gold/Periwinkle


The team's combat specialist who enjoys shooting first and asking questions later. She also has a limited precognitive ability which enables her to see brief glimpses of the future, but she cannot control it. Mikura is strong, highly proficient at fighting and using firearms. She is determined, strong willed and can be a cold blooded killer if the situation requires her to be one. She is very competitive and unsociable, but she has a kind soul deep down. She also has a love of karaoke. Before the incident with the Momois, Mikura had visions which involved Momomi.


Mikura wears a simple orange tight jumpsuit and sometimes a lot of other different clothes.


Mikura deep down has a kind soul and has a very playful attitude much like Sawa the main protagonist of the Kite movie, when she needs to she will kill when ever she needs to


  • Kurokawa (close friend)
  • Harada (Close friend)
  • Sakura (childhood friend)
  • Mommomi (sister)


Mikura could have feelings for Kurokawa and Harada because she had a dream about having sex with them in Mezzo Forte and called it "a good dream"

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